Eric (affectionately referred to as "Chupa"), is a father of 5 (more on the way!), an Iraq Veteran,

Program Director (he does all the work) at Liberty Martial Arts, and enjoys spending time outside, in spite of mosquitoes.

Chupa has little patience for those who feel entitled to something for nothing, little patience for those who are rude, and little patience for those who are disrespectful.  Come to think of it, the guy pretty much has little patience for everything.  

That's why we love having him around.

Sensei David Badurina is a father of 3, owner of a dojo (Liberty Martial Arts), computer geek, and enjoys not spending time outside because of mosquitoes.

In spite of his goofy nature, it is his life's mission to train people to be tough mentally, appreciate the value of hard work, be proud of their success, and take responsibility for their failures.

He also has a thing for Nutella.